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What are motorized skateboards called?

Motorized skateboards, also known as electric skateboards or longboards, are a type of electric vehicle propelled by an electric motor. They differ from traditional skateboards in that the motors are located at the bottom of the board, providing greater stability and speed.

Features of a motorized skateboard

  • Motorized skateboards are called a number of different things. Some people call them electric skateboards, electric cruisers, or e-skates.
  • Electric skateboards are the most common type of motorized skateboard. They use a battery to power an electric motor that helps you move around on the board.
  • Electric cruisers are similar to electric skateboards but have a large deck and taller trucks. These boards are good for cruising around and hitting some big hills.
  • E-skates are the least common type of motorized skateboard. These boards use an electric motor and battery to help you move around on the board, just like a regular skateboard.

No matter what you call them, all motorized skateboards have one thing in common: they’re fun to ride!

How to use a motorized skateboard

Motorized skateboards are called such because they are powered by electricity from a battery or motor. They can be used for transportation, recreation, and fitness purposes. Motors allow skateboards to travel faster than traditional boards allowing for more fun and excitement while skating.

Safety tips when using a motorized skateboard

When using a motorized skateboard, it is important to know the safety tips below.

  • Always wear a helmet when riding a motorized skateboard.
  • Use proper footwear when riding a motorized skateboard.
  • Never ride a motorized skateboard in unsafe or distracting conditions.

Pros & Cons of motorized skateboard


  • They are easy to use: plug them in and go.
  • They are efficient and fast: motorized skateboards can travel up to 20 mph, which is faster than most other forms of transportation.
  • They are comfortable: motorized skateboards typically have softer surfaces that make them more comfortable to ride than traditional skateboards.
  • They are safe: electric skateboards are designed with safety in mind and have sensors that prevent them from going off the edge of a ramp or into traffic.
  • They are environmentally friendly: unlike traditional vehicles, electric skateboards consume little to no gasoline or oil, which makes them environmentally friendly options.


  • They are not all the same: not all motorized skateboards are created equal, and some may be better suited for different types of terrain than others.
  • They can be expensive: although prices have decreased over time, motorized skateboards still tend to be more expensive than traditional skateboards.
  • They require a charger: unlike traditional skateboards, which need to be plugged in to use, motorized boards require a charger to function properly.


Motorized skateboards, also known as electric skateboards, are a type of two-wheeled vehicle often used for transportation. Motorized skateboard powered by an electric motor and typically range up to 25 miles. They can be ridden on streets or pavements and reach speeds up to 30 mph. Motorized skateboards come in various styles and sizes, but the most common configuration is a longboard with four wheels.

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