Video evidence revolution? VAR chief open to change

It’s a tried-and-tested system in U.S. sports: In the event of disputed referee decisions, coaches can appeal, and the video assistant can review the scene. An option for the Bundesliga? It’s a good idea for the fans, after all everyone wants to see a fair game. Watching the game is fun at any time and with any technology, see information about live betting odds in Senegal and bet on hot events!

Taking US sports as a model, will Bundesliga coaches in the future be able to appeal referee decisions with the help of the video assistant?

The DFB’s head of innovation and VAR, Jochen Drees, who will be joining STAHLWERK Doppelpass on Sunday, at least does not categorically reject the idea.

“In principle, I am always open to the discussion about improvements and developments in the area of the video assistant,” the former Bundesliga referee told DPA.
The objection as in the NFL, NBA, or NHL?

However, Drees also points out: “But we are also bound by what FIFA stipulates. There, the introduction of a challenge option is currently not being pursued.”

An appeal, known as a “challenge” in U.S. sports, is used in leagues such as the NFL (football), the NBA (basketball), and the NHL (ice hockey) – each in its own form.

Could a comparable duel be implemented in soccer?

“We have to admit with this specific topic that we don’t have much experience with it,” said Drees: “And I also think it’s imperative that you first think through the processes of such an innovation to the end.” A game system that has been in place for years can change because of the introduction of a single technology. You can’t start using it tomorrow; it will take a long time to fine-tune the technical and legal issues.

“First think through the innovation to the end”.

For example, he said, you have to ask the question of what happens if a coach is wrong in his appeal. Drees on a possible approach: “Does he then lose a right to a substitution?”

It would also be necessary to prevent coaches from using their right to appeal as a tactical tool, for example, to interrupt the flow of the game or to give their players a break. Opinions are highly divided, and discussions about the introduction of new technology will take some time.

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