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I thought I’d put all the recipes I’ve written for The Foodie Blog on this blog in the same blog post. But I decided to put my own spin. For instance, I made a pasta salad with fresh basil, but you can use any fresh basil that you have. I also made a Caesar dressing with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, red wine vinegar, and salt. It’s delicious. But I made a couple of changes.

First up, I used a whole head of fresh garlic instead of a clove. This one clove is about 8cm long and the whole head is about 3cm in length. I don’t know how many garlic cloves per head you can use if you’re making it in a big batch. But for the salad, I used 10 cloves.

I used the whole head of garlic.

The second change is that I used a garlic press rather than a mortar and pestle (which is what I use for making the salad). Also I added a dash of red wine vinegar to the dressing.

For the salad, I used 8 garlic cloves and 8 red wine vinegar.

Using garlic cloves for the salad.

I’m not sure that it’s completely appropriate here to be talking about garlic cloves, but I’ve always wondered if you could buy a whole head of garlic and then chop it up into cloves and use the cloves in things like salad dressing or sauces. I’m not sure that it works, but I’ll probably add an article about it in the future.

yes, its perfectly fine to use garlic cloves as a salad dressing. But it doesnt have to be that way.

I love garlic and its pretty much the only vegetable that can make me sick. When I was a kid, I would go to the grocery store and grab a head of garlic and just eat it, then take a nap for an hour and it would never get any worse. It was so delicious and I still eat it to this day.

It’s also worth noting that garlic has a very high concentration of oxalic acid and can cause a severe burning sensation in the mouth. If you’re using garlic as a salad dressing, you should also wash your hands thoroughly after using it.

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