How Adding SEO to Social Media Marketing Converts More Web Visitors to Sales

With a minimal amount of effort, many business owners can get big wins. You can gain more visibility and increase sales with some major players like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. You need to build a strong online presence and use the right strategies to reach potential customers. Likewise, you must incorporate SEO to your digital marketing campaign. You can use Mixx to strong your brand visibility on Instagram. Furthermore, you have run SEO campaign to reach organic people and increase the sales. In this article, we will be talking about how adding SEO to social media marketing converts more web visitors to sales. 

Social media marketing is a popular strategy used for brands to connect with consumer audiences. People are obsessed with Facebook, and there are massive untouched audiences to reach. But due to the way today’s buyers search for information and make their own purchasing decisions, social media marketing as a stand-alone service rarely garners impressive results.

In order to maximize your growth, multiple marketing strategies are almost always required. SEO (if expertly run) alongside a social media campaign can help increase traffic by epic proportions, generate significantly more leads, and allow brands to see year-over-year growth by consistently hitting high revenue targets.

You have two options for a starting point: you can find a Los Angeles digital marketing agency specializing in SEO with the social media chops required to engineer the right growth strategy, or put together an internal team to tackle this hefty endeavor.

Partnering with a growth-driven SEO agency skilled in social media marketing and other components of a marketing stack is ideal because you will simply get a higher quality of service with your desired results. Just make sure their approach to SEO is modern, and growth-driven. But finding a digital marketing agency capable of creating SEO strategies that go beyond ranking to actually converting web visitors into sales is a challenge in of itself. Then combining a social media strategy with an organic search operative is even more challenging.

Whether you are seeking help from a digital growth marketing agency, or you plan to create a hybrid SEO social media strategy internally, this article will help steer you into the right direction in terms of foundation and approach.

First Things First: Why Should Companies Combine SEO and Social Media Marketing?

It’s all about reach. There’s a reason why NBA and NFL training camps measure how far one’s reach is, and how high they can jump with their fingertips pointed upwards: the greater the reach, the more likely you are to score points. The same is said with digital marketing.

SEO and social media marketing target buyers in two completely different manners. But the interesting thing is that these buyers share the same pains and needs.

While social media marketing targets people who are already engaged in industry related activities, such as groups, hashtags and page followings, SEO targets people who come cold to the search engines searching for something with no active industry related engagement.

For example, if you sell custom car fabrication kits, social media marketing will help you target people who actively follow groups, posts, and other types of content directly related to this hobby. Social media also gives you insights into who your buyers are. On the other hand, SEO helps you organically rank for search terms that people would use when looking for a solution to their pain point, and you get zero data on these individuals. So running these two strategies typically works well for most brands.

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Know Your Buyers Before Creating a Joint SEO Social Media Marketing Strategy

You already know some great details about your buyers, as does your competition. But some of your insights are based on assumptions, and there are finer details that have gone amiss.

In order to attract website visitors from SEO and social media marketing strategies, you must first create detailed buyer personas to fully understand who your ideal buyers are, and how they engage with industry-related content. Buyer personas are common foundational points to an inbound marketing strategy, yet innovative SEO agencies use them to improve audience targeting. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of real customers. They contain specific information like age, gender, job role, job responsibilities, family status, and much more. Based on your products and services, buyer personas will contain slightly different information. You can get detailed insight on your customers by interviewing the sales team to discover common reasons why people buy, and don’t buy. You can also comb through emails looking for common buyer pains and specific data relevant to buyer personas. Sending out questionnaires to current clients and those who never converted can also help you develop detailed buyer personas.

Once you have your buyer personas, segment and use them as maps for reaching specific niche groups and your primary audience members.

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Maximize Top of Funnel Traffic

When SEO and social media strategies are run together, you get significantly more top of funnel traffic and therefore greater opportunities to convert website visitors into buyers.

First, you need to have an SEO strategy designed to hit revenue goals so that content can both rank and get clicks in the SERPs, while simultaneously getting engagement from social outlets. This strategy will require longtail keywords with contextual makeup designed to rank the right content, for the right buyer groups. Simply ranking high search volume keywords to the moon won’t convert into dollars. However, SEO strategies engineered to target people who have a recognized need with content that presents your brand as the solution will convert into paying customers.

As organic traffic finds your landing pages and users engage with your content, signals are sent to Google letting the search engine know that people favor your web pages. This causes your domain authority and rankings to go up. But more importantly, sales will go up when the right content is presented to the right audiences.

Social media marketing further empowers all of these factors. When traffic funnels from places like Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn to your website, signals are sent to Google. When people “like”, share and comment on your posts, social signals continue to flow to the search engines telling them that your content is preferred over other options. When social traffic and organic traffic come to your site, Google is delighted, rankings improve, and so too does your overall reach into your consumer audiences.

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Capture Social Media Marketing Data to Empower SEO

When engaging social media groups, pay attention to who the top influencers are (what buyer persona do they fall under), the content topics that get the most engagement, what conversational talking points are, and the most common challenges faced. Then determine if this data is consistent or seasonal. Also keep a record of all the top-converting content pieces and determine the main commonalities shared by each.

After you collect a few months of this data, you can implement the results into your SEO keyword, web page and blog strategies. Social media marketing provides power insights that help search marketers empower their SEO efforts. If you plan on running SEO and social media marketing internally, make sure you have a designated team member responsible for data collection and analysis.

Want to go Beyond SEO & Social Media for Even Greater Growth Opportunities?

For most organizations, SEO and social media marketing work well together when it comes to increasing growth. But often there are greater solutions for brands to hit those high revenue goals, year-over-year. If you found value in this article, we invite you to download our FREE guide on the WEBITMD Growth Stack and learn how SEO and social media marketing are enhanced with additional tools and strategies to truly maximize growth. Read the guide, give us a call, and let’s see if your business and goals align with our Growth Stack!

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