The Urban Dictionary of dave chappelle with hair

I am a huge fan of the dave chappelle style. It’s super easy to achieve the look, and what’s even better is that it’s a really flexible option.

I think the reason why dave chappelle’s hair is so popular is that it is versatile, and can adapt to almost any situation, including very short hair. For example, it can be kept short, with no extensions, or it can be worn up with extensions. Either way, you can have your hair in a variety of styles and be a very easy outfit.

I really like the way dave chappelle can be styled, but I think its the versatility that makes it popular. I have a friend whose daughter is really into dave chappelle hair, and she has a few different looks. I usually go for long hair, but have also seen her with short hair as well. I think the versatility of the look is the reason why people like it so much.

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