What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About baldur’s gate vs planescape torment

When I’m in the mood for a good challenge, I love trying to cross a different path. The baldur’s gate, planescape torment is a good challenge to play, since both locations have their own charm. Bg is a bit more open and less private and planest is a bit more secretive and more isolated than bg.

I’ve played Baldurs gate and planest before, so I know what you mean about the difference in atmosphere and gameplay. I also love it when there’s a bit of an adventure to get to.

The game is a bit less about adventuring and a bit more about running around and killing monsters. It also has a bit of an atmosphere where you can talk to people about the way things are going, and they tell you what they think of the game.

It seems to me that many people think planest is the more intense of the two. I think it’s because planest has more combat. I think that it’s because planest has more exploration. I think it’s because planest has more puzzles. I think it’s because planest has more roleplay. I think it’s because planest is less about survival and more about going around killing monsters and exploring.

I think baldur’s gate is about exploring a map with a map guide, and about killing monsters along the way.

Baldur’s Gate takes place in a fantasy world that is very similar to ours. The first part is a typical time-travel adventure. But when you kill monsters, it becomes a quest in the real world. You have to kill the bad guys and get to the end. This is a very similar plot to our story. But Baldur’s Gate is much more open and forgiving. It’s more about exploring a map and getting to where you want to go.

Planescape Torment is a more linear game that is about a character, or in this case, a group of characters, navigating their way through a dungeon under the influence of a powerful demon. The planescape torment is a game about exploration and killing of the monsters. It’s much closer to our story. But it’s not a “time travel” game at all, and it’s very linear.

Baldur’s Gate’s more about exploring the map, but its still linear in a similar way to Planescape Torment. The difference is that it has no “good” monsters to kill. You can’t kill evil monsters in Planescape Torment because evil monsters are so overpowered that even they are better than you. You can only kill monsters that are in your way and you have to be careful not to make your way through the map too fast.

Baldur’s Gate is actually a good example of a “time travel game.” It has a lot more to do with exploration than it does with time travel. But there is a certain logic to time travel that is found in Baldur’s Gate. In a way, it is the opposite of Planescape. Instead of having to kill evil monsters, you have to kill the good monsters.

In Baldurs Gate, you don’t have to kill evil monsters. You have to kill the good monsters. The only way to do that is through the use of time travel. There is an in-game time machine where you can travel back in time and kill all the bad monsters.

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