10 Things Everyone Hates About artan

I found this artan quote on the internet. It really resonated with me.

Now that’s art.

Artan is an Indian who lived during the British Raj. He was a painter, and he said that when he went back to India, “the art of painting became a trade of the artist,” and that Indian artists had a tendency to paint in black and white. He also said that Indian artists were “so much better than European artists.

I have to admit, I like the idea of a artist painting in black and white. Just doesn’t sound very artistic. But that would be the very thing that makes the artan quote resonate with people. We’re all artists in some sense. It’s just the way it is.

So, what artan said about Indian artists resonated with me too. Even though it’s a very literal translation of the quote, I’m reminded of the quote by a different Indian painter.

His quote comes from Mahatma Gandhi and I think it rings true because there are a lot of similarities between Gandhi and artan. Both artists use the same mediums to paint their art. They both paint things that are very similar in size, shape, and style. Both artists paint as a protest against an unjust system.

I think artan is correct in his observation, the two paintings I saw were very similar in style, size, and subject matter. But I think there are some important distinctions. Gandhi’s paintings are meant to symbolize a particular political position, and artan’s paintings have a strong philosophical message. Gandhi painted his works on large canvases, and artan’s paintings are smaller and more intimate.

Artans work is very much the same as Gandhis: it’s political protest, but they express it in a different way.

If you are interested in how artans works, here are some additional paintings I’ve seen that are worth checking out as well.

Gandhis and artans paintings are not the same thing, although they are related. For example, Gandhi painted his paintings on large canvases because he believed that small canvases showed a smaller picture and therefore had a more intimate feel. In contrast, artans paintings are meant to be more personal and intimate.

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