6 Tips for Beginners Trying to Learn Surfing

There is no perfect time to learn surfing. A fun and healthy way to stay active outdoors, surfing is one activity that never seems to amaze people who try it or watch someone who does it. And the eyes can be deceiving as it is not as simple as grabbing hold of the first board you find from a bunch of surfboards and jumping into the water. So it would be wise for a beginner to begin training at a surfing school and then get started on it. While at it, here are a few tips for such people to help them get started on the correct path and embrace an exhilarating skill for a lifetime of fun.

1. Getting Soft-Top Boards

The wave storm surfboards are the best-selling boards for a reason. They are enjoyable and straightforward to use, making them great entry-level boards. When a beginner is learning, the board will inevitably and often hit them, but there’s not much to worry about as the soft top doesn’t make a hard impact, and your body will be able to take it.

2. Surf Where There are Few People Around

You may have come across talk of various popular places to surf. But often, such places are used by advanced surfers who can handle the good yet challenging waves, which you may not be equipped to handle. Hence, you should start someplace that is off-beat and isn’t too crowded but has good waves allowing you to practise better.

3. Practising the Pop-Up

A quick and fluid pop-up is the ket standing up on a wave. Consider it to be a quick and controlled push-up. Once you better perfect the motion on the ground, you will be better equipped to deal with it when on water.

4. Finding the Sweet Spot When Paddling

Often you can find beginners paddling too far back on their surfboards, making it go slow and doing a wheelie. Or you will find beginners paddling too far up their boards, making their faces and noses poke underwater. Hence, you need to figure out where the sweet spot is, make a mark, preferably with a piece of wax, and always paddle in that position.

5. Taking an Extra Paddle

This tip can be applied to both beginners and advanced surfers. When paddling towards a wave and you begin to feel its energy lifting you onto it, consider taking another strong paddle. The extra velocity will ensure you do not get stuck on top of the wave, making the drop much more straightforward.

6. Falling Flat

You are going to fall, no matter how cautious you are. And when that happens, falling nice and flat shall ensure you don’t injure yourself. Avoid diving headfirst; instead, try flopping onto your back or side. Jumping off your feet first, too, can be dangerous as the seafloor can be uneven and dangerous. You must cover your face and head with your arms when breaking the surface, as there are chances that the board may come rocketing back onto you.


Lastly, having fun is an essential tip for any beginner. You will make mistakes during the course, but that’s a part of the process. There’s a beautiful saying in the surfing world: “The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun”.

Ethan More

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Ethan More
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